BullsEye Communications can work with most telephone systems. In particular we work with systems form:
  • Toshiba
  • Panasonic
  • Norstar
  • Some AVAYA systems
Our specialty is Toshiba Telecommunications equipment and we are an authorized seller and service provider of many Toshiba Telecom systems. We are certified in the Toshiba DK, CTX and CIX PBX hybrid systems. These have PBX features but are programmed like key systems. The CTX/CIX systems offer user friendly features and a GUI interface to make managing the system easy.

We will work with you to identify your needs, wants and desires for a phone system to determine if VoIP is really what you need. While VoIP is very popular it is the best choice for every organization.

The decision wether to implement a more traditional yet modern PBX or a VOIP system depends on the nature of your business. The Toshiba CIX systems allow for both digital phone and VoIP phones in one cabinet so you truly get the best of both worlds.
VoIP should be considered if you have employees that travel and want to be connected back to the office or employees that work from home. Because VoIP uses the internet to deliver voice traffic, you will need to make sure your network can handle both voice and data BEFORE considering VoIP. Bandwidth and QoS (quality of service) are important factors that need to evaluated prior to installing a VoIP system.

Call centers, and even many offices can be noisy places. Have you ever overheard other conversations when on a call with a customer service representative? Do you sometimes have a hard time understanding callers due to background noise?
We offer Speech Privacy Systems Voice Arrest system to eliminate the problem noisy environments can cause when communicating on the phone. More information is available on our Speech Privacy Systems